At Autumnfire we have been creating websites for over 18 years and things have changed greatly on how we create them. We often have clients that want to update their site inhouse. Changing a price, a phone number or adding a new employee.

Autumnfire as been using page builders for years in our website construction and one of our favorites SP Page Builder has introduced a great new update. This video below explains it better than I can. 

Unlocking the Potential of Google’s Bard 2: Revolutionizing Chatbot Technology

As technology progresses, chatbots have become an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are continuing to evolve and become smarter than ever. One such breakthrough in AI chatbot technology is...

Why It Is Essential For Your Business To Have a Google My Business Listing

Why it is Essential For Your Business To Have a Google My Business Listing,and How to Set One Up   Introduction In the digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. More than ever, consumers are using the internet to search for...

What are Airtags? and How Can I Use Them?

What are Airtags ? How can they make my life better ? AirTags are small tracking devices created by Apple that can help you locate misplaced or stolenitems with the Find My app. They are easy to use and can be attached to your keys, backpack, or anyother item you want...
Microsoft Copilot AI

Microsoft Copilot AI

Microsoft AI-powered Copilot: A New Way to Work Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant that could help you with your work tasks, such as writing documents, creating presentations, sending emails, or chatting with your colleagues?If so, you might be interested...

Creating a new email account through Cpanel

Creating a new email account through Cpanel

Log in to your cPanel account. You should be able to find the login details in your hosting provider's welcome email.. Scroll down to the "Email" section and click on "Email Accounts". Find the email account that you want to delete old emails from and click on...

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