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Maintaining your website is an equally important and ongoing responsibility.
How to maintain a WordPress site varies from installation to installation, but common tasks include creating backups of your site, optimizing your database, running performance tests, finding and fixing broken links, and more. You can then use a maintenance mode plugin to prevent visitors from accidentally seeing a reduced version of your site.

WordPress recommends performing these “housekeeping steps” to ensure your site keeps running smoothly.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to maintain your WordPress website, you can hire someone who does — or purchase a WordPress maintenance service. There are dozens available. Below, we’ll look at the best.

Introducing Autumnfire’s Ultimate Website Care Package – the all-in-one solution for your website maintenance needs! Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of managing your WordPress site and say hello to the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of by a team of professionals.

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Access to Visual Drag and Drop Builder

Unleash your creativity with our easy-to-use visual drag and drop builder! Explore seamless customization with this intuitive and user-friendly tool.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

Consistently updating all WordPress components is vital to your website’s performance and security. Prioritizing WordPress software updates is essential for maintaining and protecting your site. WordPress core updates can range from small bug fixes to major changes and feature enhancements.

It’s crucial to apply these updates promptly, as they can address potential security vulnerabilities. Allow Autumnfire to manage this crucial aspect of website maintenance for you.


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Keep Visitors Happy: Keep Your Website Up and Running Smoothly with Our Site Care Package

Experiencing a downed website can be extremely frustrating for visitors.
If your site is inaccessible, even for a brief period, it prevents access, leading to potential missed sales, new clients, audience growth, and even damage to your brand reputation.

Our Site Care package is designed to address these concerns and ensure your website remains up and running smoothly.

Website Back Up

Safeguard Your WordPress Site: The Importance of Regular Backups

WordPress website backups enable you to revert to a previous state of your site should something go wrong with an update.

Backups are also invaluable should your site get hacked. If something breaks or gets accidentally deleted, you’ll be glad you had a recent backup from our Site Care.

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Unlock an Hours of Monthly Updates
with Autumnfire Site Care!

Staying ahead of the game is crucial, which is why we offer up to an hour a month of website updates. Keep your site fresh and relevant with new content, design tweaks, or any other customizations you decide! Use this time to ensure that you remain at the forefront of your industry, things like events, hours of operations or photos.

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